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About Phyto 5 Energetic Skincare

PHYTO 5 has pioneered “Energetic Skincare”, the products are made in Switzerland from the finest natural ingredients and under Swiss agency supervision. For nearly 40 years Phyto 5 has emphasized the use of pure essential oils blended in natural ingredients such as algae, clays, grains and minerals. The products are uniquely formulated to work energetically with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Ayurveda Medicine. Its holistic philosophy is expressed by its motto: “Beauty is Health made Visible”!
Note: for people with allergy to algae, alternative products are available.

What is Energetic Drainage?​​

The human body is not composed exclusively of matter (solid and fluid) but also if vital energy. Therefore, it is important that treatments also have a balancing effect on vital energy in order to obtain better and faster results. The lymphatic drainage (stimulation) is very beneficial. It is adapted to the skin condition by the addition of light therapy for a pleasant experience with enhanced results. The treatment is both holistic and non-invasive. Great as Pre/Post surgical facial. Also beneficial for advanced “anti-age” treatments.

A large number of lymphatic channels lie directly beneath the skin and play a significant role in maintaining health and beauty of the complexion. Lymphatic drainage, long a standard part of the European beauty regime, helps the lymphatic system function more efficiently by facilitating toxin removal and improving skin circulation. The result: healthier, glowing skin and a more beautiful complexion. Phytobiodermie’s Biodraineur is a sophisticated piece of equipment that uses state-of-the-art technology to create a gentle, pulsed massage, thereby encouraging a faster and more efficient flow of lymph. The treatment is completely non- invasive and leaves the client with a soothing and relaxed sense of well-being.

"I look and feel awesome! Yesterday Erica gave me the Light Therapy Facial. I was having 'one of those days', but the moment I walked into the Zen Den I felt some of the stress fade. After the facial, my stress was gone and I felt both relaxed and energized. And today I still feel good! I can't wait to come back!" — Angie